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Color ChangingEYE DROPS

Change your eye color naturally with our breakthrough formula!

  • About

    iCOLOUR color changing eye drops is a revolutionary new product that changes your natural eye color to your color of choice over a period of time of daily use.

    This product contains a patented color changing solution specifically intended for eye use. The product also contains distilled waters and different types of sodium to ensure it can be applied to even the most sensitive of eyes.

    iCOLOUR eye drops are used by people who are not happy with their natural eye color or simply wish to change things up. If you are unsure of what eye color to choose from, we highly encourage you to get a second opinion in order to make the right choice in color.

    At the moment, we have 5 distinct eye color selections; BLUE, AMBER, GRAY, GREEN, and HAZEL. We are working in developing additional eye colors. We hope you try out our product and don't forget to tell your friends about us!

  • Product Details

    Directions :
    Put 2 drops on each eye daily
    To ensure good contact, tilt your
    head back or lay on a leveled surface
    If applicable :
    Remove contact lenses prior
    to applying eye drops.

    Safety Precautions :
    Keep the bottle tightly
    closed when not in use.
    Store at room temperature.
    Use before expiration
    date marked on bottle.
    Keep out of reach of
    Do not use if neckband on
    bottle is broken or missing.

    Ingredients :
    Distilled cornflower water,
    distilled chamomile water,
    blue coloring, hyaluronic
    acid sodium salt, sodium
    phosphate dibasic heptahdrate,
    sodium phosphate monobasic
    dihydrate, sodium chloride.

    Net Contents :
    sterile 0.30 fl. oz. (9 mL)
    Manufactured by :
    Rochester, NY 14609
    Made in America

  • Cool Facts

    Some people are born with eyes of two different colors, a condition known as heterochromia.

    Brown eyes are the most common eye color, with over 55% of the world's population having brown eyes.

    Parents with dark colored eyes sometimes give birth to a baby with green or blue eyes. This is because recessive traits for green/blue eyes can be passed along for many generations before they actually show up in a member of the family.

    Alternatively, it's also possible for two blue-eyed (light eye colored) parents to have a brown-eyed baby.

  • How it Works

    iCOLOUR color changing eye drops uses a unique mechanism of action that provides a gradual change in eye color. In the bottle, the active ingredients interact to form a cross-link like network, creating a protective film (melanin blocker) over your eye. Once it is absorbed through the ocular surface, the protective film begins to block the concentration of melanin in the back of your iris from reaching the front of the iris (stroma). The end result is you get an eye color based on the amount of melanin that’s currently reaching the front of your iris, thus changing your eye color.

Compatible With:

Our iColour eye drops are compatible with everyone, even with the following groups!
  • Glasses

    People with prescription eyewear.

  • Contacts

    People with contacts.

  • Lasik

    People who've had lasik surgery.


Change Your Eye Color Naturally